For many years now I have been introducing new materials to my work. I find that one material can activate a dialogue with another and can create certain tensions. My work is a philosophical inquiry; I use the language of abstraction, blending it with the pictorial and pastoral, to create hybrid, textural landscapes. Painting as a language presents itself as a game for me to dissect; it enables me to play within its delicate balance. I have always been interested in creating an environment for my paintings, either through transforming the gallery space into an installation, or introducing three-dimensional sculptural objects to engage in a relationship with a two-dimensional work. I find that this dialogue between installation and painting creates a certain dialectic that offers the opportunity to form a broader interpretation of the work.
In the recent work the horizon is no longer present, the orientation is shifted and the work is less referential. I use materials to weave together a somewhat “Twisted Landscape”. There is a form of mimicry throughout the work where I have taken a found image and then I have duplicated or camouflaged this image so that it blends in and disappears into the composition. I use images of fabric, wood, windows; anything that re-represents a form of the grid or repetition. The content in the work has an overall apocalyptic feel and these drawings contain a representation of ordered chaos; the materials I use are in constant textural tension that emanates a bipolar resolve. My paintings are sequences of illusions of textures that change as viewing distances change.
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